Each hunt is scheduled for 1 or 2 hunters/guide. Generally 2 or 3 of us are in attendance for each booking of 2 or more hunters.

Quoted fees cover all expenses on our part to conduct the hunt, fishing trip, etc. from pickup in Kotzebue to return with trophies. (A bush charter fee may apply, ask us for specifics.) Alaska Airlines provides daily service to & from Kotzebue - each guest is responsible for these arrangements - book early. It is important that you arrive on schedule as we charter aircraft to take new hunters to camp & pick up departing guests - same flight. A delay in arrival will be charged to those arriving late. I recommend air freighting rifle & critical gear to me via insured air freight - 2 weeks in advance of your arrival.
Address your shipment to yourself, in care of me. Plan to arrive in Kotzebue the day before your hunt begins & overnight in a hotel or B&B before & after your hunt booking.

For each guest, in order for us to have licenses & tags ready, please provide full name, address, phone/fax #, e-mail, date of birth, ht., wt., color of hair & eyes, driver's license number or passport nationality and number.

BOOKING DATES follow, however, this schedule is subject to modification as we have species with overlapping seasons & we can book to accommodate hunters' schedules, given enough notice. DALL RAM=DR, MOOSE=M, CARIBOU=C, GRIZZLY BEAR=GB, BLACK BEAR=BB, WOLF=W, WOLVERINE=WN
Aug. 20 - 30 - C, BB, W Aug. 30 - Sept. 10 & Sept. 10 -20 & later - C, W, BB, GB, DR, M, WN

Licenses & Permit Fees NOT included in quoted hunt fees. PERMITS for Brown/Grizzly Bears in my areas are not subject to a drawing. I can sell you the tags directly.
NON-RESIDENT Licenses: Hunting - $160, 7-Day Fish - $70, 3 day fish - $45. 1 day fish.$25
Non Resident TAG FEES: GB-$1,000; C-$650; W-$60; Wlvn-$350;
Non-US citizen: ALIEN HuntLic - $630, GB-$1,300; M-$1,000; C-$850; W-$100; Wn-$500; BB-$600; DS-$1,100; Deer-$400

DEPOSITS: All bookings confirmed with 1/2 down & balance 90 days in advance of your 1st day booked. NON-HUNTING Companions - $600/

day/person Trophy Fees to be paid in US Cash or US Traveler's Checks at the lodge before departing.

Hunting Fees- rifle

Aug. 19-30, Aug.30- Sept 10, Sept.10-21 & later dates
DAILY RATE - $1,000/day PLUS TROPHY FEES, includes stream fishing, snowshoe hare and ptarmigan hunting
Trophy fee: Caribou - $3,500 each; Wolf -first wolf free, additional wolves - $500 each; Grizzly - $12,000; Wolverine - $3,500
Fleshing fees all hunts - Bear hide, $300.00. Caribou cape, wolf or wolverine hide, $150.00

Individual Species hunt quotes available on request.

We have a license & tag vendorship for your convenience, in case you wish to pursue an extra animal. Unless you specify otherwise, we will have all your licenses, tags & permits ready before you arrive.
Ask for fee quotes for full body mount skin preps for moose, caribou & sheep. PLEASE NOTE: ½ of all usable meat will be retained by Arctic Rivers Guide Service.


Jake is Master Measurer #74 for Safari Club International & can score your trophies prior to your departure. We strongly urge all hunters to enter their trophies in the book & the Alaska annual APHA/SCI competition.

We can recommend reliable charter operators for fishing at Kodiak for King Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Black Seabass, Lingcod, etc. June thru Nov.
American Bison hunts can be arranged on Kodiak. (add the bison info).

For each guest, in order for us to have licenses & tags ready, please provide full name, address, phone/fax #, e-mail, date of birth, ht., wt., color of hair & eyes, driver's license number or passport nationality and number.

HUNTERS BOOKING FOR FUTURE YEARS will be guaranteed the same fees quoted above or full refund of deposit. To book for future years - 10% minimum to hold booking dates & 40% due by Jan.10 of year of hunt, 50% balance due 90 days in advance of 1st booked day via check or money order. Trophy fees due in cash or US Traveler's checks at camp.

The Alaska Professional Hunters’ Association is diligent in working to preserve hunting and fishing rights for all Americans. I strongly recommend that each guest donate $150 to the Alaska Hunter Preservation Fund and receive: • Two year sustaining membership in The Alaska Professional Hunters Association• Two year subscription to The Alaska Professional Hunter Magazine • APHA Lapel Pin and Decal.
Recently membership has become a requisite for entry in the APHA/SCI annual Big 3 Competition.

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