Unique aspects of Arctic Rivers Guide Service:

1. Low number of guests/booking date - maximum 5, usual is 2 or 3.
2. Comfortable, remote lodge from which to hunt. Most game - Dall Rams, Wolf, Caribou, Moose, Brown/Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, small game & stream fishing normally within 1-2 miles.
3. Secure aircraft access, not subject to flooding.
4. Private airport & property- no other hunters will be seen during your stay.
5. High success rates & long history (1972-present) of quality trophies.
6. Satellite telephone
&/or InReach for emergencies.
7. Since 1984 our guest hunters have received 65 awards for first, second or third place trophies in the annual (APHA) Alaska Professional Hunters Association/Safari Club International Big Three statewide competition. This is the highest number of awards per number of guests of all guiding outfits in Alaska. We’ve taken top 3 ranked Grizzly, Black Bear, Dall Ram,Caribou, Moose, Wolf & Sitka Blacktail Deer- 32 of these outstanding animals were caribou, 7 were for Grizzlies & 4 were for wolves. The lodge is located in an ideal hunting area. Most animals are taken within one mile or less from the lodge.

**Extensive References available upon request**
Arctic Rivers Guide Service is an authorized concession of the U.S. Dept. of Interior, National Park Service

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Dall Ram Aug.10-Sept.20 closed
Moose Sept. 1 - 20 Ak residents only
Caribou July 1 - May 1
Grizzly Aug. 1 - Oct. 10
Black Bear No Closed Season
Wolf Aug. 10 - Apr. 30 - limit 20
Wolverine Sept. 1 - Mar. 31

We welcome your comments on this website as well as personal inquiries regarding wilderness experiences in Alaska. Please drop us a note: huntfish@ak.net Jake Jacobson
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COME, spend time with us in Nature's Pristine Chapel - the art work is unsurpassed!

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DALL SHEEP: Hunting Has Been Closed In NW Alaska.

MOOSE: Declining In Number, But We Still Have Capital Bulls.

CARIBOU: Herd Is Estimated To Be Over 270,000 Animals - Groups Of 100s Or 1,000s Are Often Seen.
Grizzly & Wolf Populations Are High.

WOLF & WOLVERINE: Wolf Populations Are At An All Time High. Wolverine Seen Occasionally.

ARCTIC FISH: Arctic Char, Grayling. Most Aug/Sept. Hunters Get In Some Fishing Too, At No Extra Charge.

SMALL GAME: Snowshoe Hare, Ptarmigan & Spruce Grouse. Red Fox, Arctic Fox, Lynx & Porcupine Are Here. Small Game Often Taken On Big Game Hunts - No Extra Charges - Bring A Box Of 12ga Shells -# 6 shot
MULTIPLE SPECIES: Available On All Bookings.
Tags and Licenses:

We have a license & tag vendorship in case you wish to pursue an extra animal. Unless you specify otherwise, we will have all your licenses, tags & permits ready before you arrive.

Arctic Rivers Guide & Booking Service
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