The Arctic base camp is located at 1380 feet elevation in a mountain valley 118 miles by gps, north of Kotzebue - or 153 miles above the ARCTIC CIRCLE. This camp includes the main lodge - a 2-story, 4 bedroom building with large picture windows, a smaller cabin with private sleeping rooms & a third building houses a workshop & sauna. This 80 acre homestead is the only privately held land in this part of the BROOKS RANGE & is reportedly the most remote private land in the U.S. Dall Sheep, Barren Ground Caribou, Moose, Grizzly, Wolves & Wolverine are sometimes seen & hunted the same day. Musk Oxen are frequently seen. Depending on game movements, tent camps are sometimes set up on several other sites. Light aircraft is the only means of access.

The lodge has solar powered lighting with receptacles to recharge batteries.

Most hunting is out of the lodge or a tent on foot - 3 to 6 miles of moderate to difficult walking may be required, but most game is taken within a mile of the lodge.

Hunters with handicaps such as overweight, leg, knee, foot, heart or other problems should consult a physician prior to booking. Special diet needs, significant health history, etc. should be made known to us at booking time. Arctic guests should bring their own alcoholic beverages, as none can conveniently be bought in Kotzebue!

LIABILITY: While maintaining all reasonable care & precautions for the comfort & safety of guests, we accept no responsibility for any illness, accident, Act of God, or loss whatsoever, or for any expenses of whatsoever nature arising therefrom. We suggest that a personal insurance against illness, accident, loss or damage or late arrival of luggage, cancellation of trip for whatever reason, etc. be secured before you leave home if you so desire.

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